Relax in the Heart of Napa Valley

Master Bathroom / Spa / Sauna

View from the open shower in the Spa / Master Bath. A corner of the Japanese Soaking Tub is seen on the bottom-right of the photo, with the antique French Vanity and medicine cabinet in the background.


Copper Japanese Soaking Tub on the left, tiled shower with overhead copper faucet, Sauna Bench, towels.


A close-up of the custom-built copper Japanese Soaking Tub.


Toilet area with built-in storage closet in the left wall.


From the Master Bedroom, a stone floor leads into the Spa Area and the Japanese Soaking Tub, made of copper and slate. The porcelain lamps, nicknamed "Jacques and Pierre" by the owners, are French antiques salvaged from a hotel destroyed during the Mount St. Helens volcano eruption in 1980.


Entrance into the custom cedar and redwood Sauna. The lower seat is barely visible near the bottom of the photo, and the upper seat is hidden behind the wall on the left. The Sauna is furnished with a clock, barometer, thermometer and lighting.


View of the copper mermaid sculpture which adorns the ceiling of the Sauna. Black "branches" on the left are black coral.


View of the Spa from the Living Room. The Sauna is on the left, antique French Vanity is to the right. The plants have an automatic drip-system, and custom drainage is built into the walls.